Extraordinary situations need extraordinary responses. The entire agri-food chain – farmers, livestock breeders, fishermen, industry and distribution – is working in an exemplary way to guarantee supply to consumers in these difficult times. Clearing away some uncertainty and contributing to tranquillity, not only with facts, but with comforting messages reassuring  that they are here for us, bringing some calm to our homes.

A joint effort to which all the companies linked to Olive Pomace Oil add their commitment and responsibility. Extractors, refiners, bottlers and distributors work tirelessly to maintain operations, with the double objective of keeping their workers safe and meeting essential food and environmental needs.

Now more than ever, our ability to resurge in the face of adversity is at the service of all of society. The entire business fabric, which brings together around 15,000 workers, is focused on continuing to be that essential link in the Spanish olive oil sector.

The Spanish olive pomace oil sector is aware that the health emergency is just the beginning of a long-distance race which continues without a clear finish line. With this in mind, the sector’s association, known as the Spanish Olive Pomace Oil Trade Association (ORIVA), has been strengthened in order to respond to this crisis now and in the successive phases of recovery – when it will be necessary to boost the most affected sectors, including those especially linked with us, such as the hospitality and catering sectors.

THANKS to all the workers and businesses in the sector and the agri-food distribution network for their effort and commitment.

If we have any certainty these days, it is that we are stopping this virus TOGETHER!

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