ORIVA, united by a
unique oil

Interprofesional del Aceite de Orujo de Oliva – ORIVA

We are Interprofesional del Aceite de Orujo de Oliva (ORIVA), the association that unites the whole value chain of Olive Pomace Oil production in Spain.

We represent a food industry that has 50 extraction centers and 9 refinery plants, generating 18,000 jobs and an average annual turnover of 400+ million euros.

Find out all about the sector here and discover why Olive Pomace Oil is a great ally in any home kitchen or restaurant.

ORIVA does not carry out any commercial activity related to buying or selling Olive Pomace Oil. Its work solely focuses on research, dissemination of information and promotion of Olive Pomace Oil.”

Our work

Dissemination, research and training

Promote the dissemination and promotion of Olive Pomace Oil

ORIVA is a non-profit organization that was created to enhance awareness and knowledge of Olive Pomace Oil in the market and among consumers. There’s a lot to tell you about and we invite you to discover all about the product and industry here:

icono A pioneering sector that generates zero waste, creating a circular economy which plays a key environmental role in the olive grove.

icono A unique food product for its nutritional and culinary properties. The best oil for frying but also a versatile alternative for desserts, stews and sauces.


ORIVA works to disseminate information about Olive Pomace Oil, showcasing its nutritional, gastronomic, socioeconomic and environmental attributes.

Training and education

Aula ORIVA is the association’s training hub: it runs courses, workshops, programs in cooking schools, guides and many more resources for ongoing educational purposes.


The science behind Olive Pomace Oil demonstrates its differential qualities, which is supported by ORIVA’s strong commitment to R&D.

Find out more about our research projects here.

Hospitality Industry

Olive Pomace Oil stands out for its quality, profitability and versatility. COCINA ORIVA showcases the benefits it offers hospitality professionals.

Territorial implementation of the sector

In Spain there are 50 extraction centers and 9 refinery plants