Members of the Directive

<strong>José Luis Maestro Sánchez-Cano</strong> President

José Luis Maestro Sánchez-Cano

<strong>Antonio Gallego Díaz</strong> Vice-president

Antonio Gallego Díaz

<strong>Jaime Osta Gallego</strong> Vice-president

Jaime Osta Gallego

<strong>Francisco Serrano Osuna</strong> Vice-president

Francisco Serrano Osuna

<strong>Álvaro Espuny Rodríguez</strong> Secretary

Álvaro Espuny Rodríguez

<strong>José Luis Sánchez-Migallón García</strong> Treasurer

José Luis Sánchez-Migallón García

<strong>Cristóbal Gallego Martínez</strong> Spokesperson

<strong>Francisco Faiges Borrás</strong> Spokesperson

Francisco Faiges Borrás

<strong>Gaspar Vañó Fernández</strong> Spokesperson

Gaspar Vañó Fernández

<strong>Juan de Dios Gálvez Daza</strong> Spokesperson

Juan de Dios Gálvez Daza

<strong>Manuel Villén Otero</strong> Spokesperson

Manuel Villén Otero

<strong>Primitivo Fernández Andrés</strong> Spokesperson

Primitivo Fernández Andrés

<strong>Rafael Pico Lapuente</strong> Spokesperson

Rafael Pico Lapuente

<strong>Rafael Sánchez de Puerta Díaz</strong> Spokesperson

Rafael Sánchez de Puerta Díaz

General Administration

Alicia Vives Gutiérrez

The technical and administrative management of all the areas into which ORIVA is structured rests with Alicia Vives Gutiérrez, General Director of the organisation.

Permanent Management Groups


Our Permanent Management Groups allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to the daily needs of the Organisation. ORIVA is currently comprised of two Groups: “Communication and Promotion” and “Research and Development”.