On Thursday the 26th the First ORIVA FORUM was held in Madrid, a gathering at which the Olive Pomace Oil sector came together to talk about its present and, especially, to present the plans it has for the future, through ORIVA, its inter-professional association.

The event was attended by members from different fields working hand in hand with the sector, like representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment, and of the different entities with which ORIVA has established framework agreements for collaboration; reputed scientists at the CSIC, who presented studies that are being carried out on Olive Pomace Oil; along with the member organisations of the Interprofesional, among other collaborators of a sector that, combining tradition and innovation, has a lot to say.

Olive Pomace Oil is largely unknown by most of the population. Through the activity of the Interprofesional, however, and important sector events like this one, an effort is being made to publicise the benefits of the second best oil in the world. To this end interesting initiatives were presented at the event, such as the ORIVA Communication Awards, devised to reward media coverage of our oil, its first edition being launched at this FORUM, along with scientific studies unique in their field, collaborative efforts with renowned chefs, and much more content sure to be of interest to attendees.

The event featured a wealth of interesting information about our oil, to promote it on the Spanish market so that it takes its rightful place in restaurants and homes across the country.


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