What is olive pomace oil?

A very special oil, drawn from the olive tree

Olive pomace oil belongs to the olive tree family and is the second best vegetable oil, after olive oil, in any of its varieties. It is rich in oleic acid, and contains antioxidants and other bioactive compounds with potentially beneficial properties for health.

Its quality makes it suitable for use with a greater number of fried foods than other oils, and without altering the properties of food, which makes it a highly valuable  product for the hospitality industry and the food industry, as it guarantees fried foods that are golden, crispy, light and tasty.


How do we produce it?

Olive pomace oil

Olive pomace oil is produced via a sustainable extraction process of alperujo (water, skin, pit and residues from the oil, which result from the olive’s milling) and the refining of the raw olive pomace oil produced by this extraction. This process ends when the refined olive pomace oil is blended or mixed with a small proportion of virgin or extra virgin olive oil.

This is how we achieve an oil ranging up to 85% monounsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic (C18:1.). As much as 2% of the oil (unsaponifiable fraction) is formed by a group of compounds with bioactive properties.

The result is always an oil with certain benefits and properties making it ideal for frying.

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